Commission Rates

Full-Page (Interior)/Full-Body Portrait$150-$200$200-$300
Half-Page/Half-Body Portrait$100-$150$150-$250
Quarter-Page/Bust Portrait$50-$100$100-$200
Portrait Sketch/Concept Sketch$25-100n/a

Price ranges are based on commission complexity, audience size, and rights-granted.Commissions for personal use typically start at the bottom of the price scales.Commissions for commercial use fall within the mid to high range of the price scales.Limited use stock licenses for non-exclusive rights are available for 50% of the equivalent commission price.A sliding scale is available for independent publishers — contact me to discuss what options are available to accommodate your budget.All commissions include a plain-text file with pre-written alt-text that can be used when sharing the work in contexts that support alt text such as websites and social media posts.
All prices are consistent with, or in some cases well under, the recommended rates of the Graphic Artists Guild.

Payment Schedule
Commissions will be invoiced to the Client via PayPal.Commissions $100 or less: Full-payment due up front.Commissions greater than $100: Half-payment due up front, remaining balance due upon completion of final work.
Commission Terms
A contract with the full commission terms will be attached to the first invoice sent to the Client. By paying the first invoice the Client signals acceptance of those terms.Original designs and illustrations, including sketches and any other preliminary material, and all copyrights therein, remains the property of the Artist unless purchased by a payment of a separate fee.Any grant of rights is conditional upon receipt of full payment. Upon receipt of full final payment, the Artist shall deliver digital files necessary to enable Client’s usage rights granted in their contract.The Artist retains the rights to display all work created for the commission, including preliminary materials and final art, in their portfolios, including in print and online, and to submit such work to art and design periodicals and competitions.
Credit to the Artist
In contexts where credit to the Artist is appropriate, the Client shall credit the Artist as: “J.N. Butler”In contexts where a link to the Artist’s work is appropriate, the Client shall link to: “”In contexts where a link to the Artist’s social media is appropriate, the Client shall link to: @jnbutlerartThe pronouns they, them, and theirs will be used when making reference to the Artist in any medium.